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TODO randomly throwing this together, going to be a disaster for a while

first thing first:
famiROM download
last updated jan 13 2019
old versions if you need those for some reason

let's have a table i guess
title/link description
Super Dodge Ball USA 4-player re-enables 4 player bean ball mode. changed to read four-score style inputs for 3rd and 4th players.
TwinBee CNROM converts mapper 87 famicom rom to cnrom. good for making repros with NES donors.
Chase HQ USA Vaus fixes controller routines to read from USA vaus instead of japanese versions. should be compatible with the english translation if you want to apply both.
Spartan X 2 MMC3 converts mapper 65 famicom rom to mmc3 so it can be put on a nes cart
title/link description

nintendoage inbox downloader


nintendoage brewery LOL fuckin gocollect. check out